Thursday, November 25, 2010

Clearly I'm Losing It

Written earlier today! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :) 

Someone pinch me. Please. Actually, scratch that. Whenever I actually tell someone to pinch me and they make a motion to do so, that's usually a good enough dose of reality for me, ha.


There. I got it out. See, I knew Thanksgiving was tomorrow, in my head. (I mean, where else would you know it?) But then it hit me. WHAM!!!! Yeah, it was THAT big, all caps with extra exclamation points.


Okay so by this point you're probably wondering if there's a point to this post, and I'm beginning to question that myself as a matter of fact. Hmm...

*insert Jeopardy music*

Well guys, after some pondering I've figured out why the fact that THANKSGIVING IS TOMORROW!!! is so startling to me. It really goes to show how quickly time flies! This time last year, I was not in the best state. I had a broken relationship, both with God and the Favorite, which was extra emotional but a huge period of growth for me (which, looking back, I can say I'm extremely grateful for!). This time last year I was finishing out a semester in school, and I haven't been back since! This time last year, I was 20 (ha!) and I was living with a close friend in DC. So many changes! I've had so many ups and downs and arounds since last Thanksgiving, and now I look back and I'm just struck with the reality that all those months have passed between then and now, never to be returned to! (...not that I want to return lol...and sorry for my serious run-on sentence!)

In the midst of all these things, both past and present, I can always find way more things to be thankful for than anything else. I just have an incredible amount of GRATEFULNESS and THANKFULNESS to God for His sovereignty in every situation I've faced! In my life, EVERY day is Thanksgiving. :)

Photo courtesy of Google Images

....well, except for the giant meal.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

24 Years and Counting!

Happy 24th Anniversary to my amazing parents!! 24 years, 7+ houses, 6 kids, 2 (soon to be 4!) high school graduations, 1 college graduation, and 1 son-in-law later, they are still so in love with each other and still serving the Lord!! I'm really thankful for their godly example of love. I'm not married yet, but when I am, I know that there are so many positive aspects of their union that I'd like to model! Not everyone can say that, so I know it's a blessing. :-)

Once again, Happy Anniversary, with many, many, many more to come!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Revisiting Sunday

So Sunday's post in a nutshell: I talked about how I don't celebrate Halloween, but I don't knock those who do! I think that for believers, both those who celebrate and those who don't, we should take advantage of the fact that the world is coming to our doors and share Christ with them! Now it'd be pretty bad if I did all that talking writing and didn't actually act on my own words, huh? But I did! Well, my whole family did! Here are some pics showing how we spent our Halloween. It was fun!

My mommy orchestrated the whole thing! :) She got the candy and goody bags, and she also wrote a little poem to put into the bags! She really enjoyed talking to the kids who came to the door, and their parents too!

The sis participated in the writing process too!
I'm writing out my church's information as well as the poem that my mom created on pieces of cardstock!

Hehe, Daddy would turn his head every time I wanted to get a picture! He helped stuff and write on the bags!

There are so many ways to be a light for Christ! This was a pretty creative way of being one, if I don't say so myself :-)

How did you guys spend your Halloween? Trick-or-treating? Church? Or just a day indoors?