Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone!?

Five months later....

I'M BACK! I never thought I would go this long without blogging and yet, here I am, blogging five, almost six month later. Alas. But (not to give excuses or anything of course, hehe) life has been incredibly BUSY! And, thank the Lord, most of that busyness has been in a good way :-) Let me give you a few snapshots of what my life has been like over the past few months...

Wedding planning! My boo (ahem, my fiance) and I have settled on a date in February of next year (2012, woop woop!) and we'll be wedded in the beautiful city of Miami in Florida! Sounds like a fabulous, over the top destination wedding, right? Not really. The Favorite is from there, as well as the majority of his extended fam, so we're breakin' the have-the-wedding-in-the-bride's-hometown tradition and having it down there! I'm sure people up here would love to get away from the fairly unpredictable but otherwise freezing February temperatures the Washington, DC area is known for during that time of year anyway, so yay! :)

College stuff! But not for me. My younger sis, Erin, is officially off to college and I am proud to say she chose the real HU, Howard University! And so the HBCU Howard University legacy continues. First my older sis Whittney (c/o '07), then me (continuing student!), now Erin (c/o '15)! Erin is definitely putting in work with her major as she is studying Chemical Engineering!  One of these days I'm gonna have to post a pic of the three of us wearing "Howard Sister" tee shirts. But anyways, it was alot of fun helping my sister go shopping and getting her moved into her dorm. She's growin' up! *sniff*sniff*

SO proud of my brother graduating from high school, go Joshua! He did a FANTASTIC job during his entire secondary education, and I know God has big plans for him as a high school grad! Now he's on the job hunt, and we all know how the economy is these days with looking for jobs, so be praying for God to open up some doors!

The two youngest bros have started school, with the middle bro in tenth grade at the high school of his choosing (the Lord worked that out!) and the youngest bro in 8th grade! Geez louise, they are growing up so fast, and they're both taller than me!! *sniffs again*

And another big change (well at least to me)...I HAVE A ROOM TO MYSELF! I know ya'll are like, woohoo, big deal!, but I have shared a room my entire. life. Literally. No exagerration! I've never had my own room. All I've ever known is sharing a room with my sisters (not saying that in a bad way, by the way!), and now my older sis is off and married and my younger sis is off in school, and well, I guess I'll be leaving myself in a few months, but still, weird! Ripe old age of 22, I experience solitary rooming. Guess I better enjoy it now, since in February I'll have a lifetime roommate, eh? Hehe.

Well, that's all folks! At least for now! I have GOT to get back to blogging somewhat regularly, even in the midst of the crazy busyness that is my life right now. Also, be expecting some changes to the blog, slowly but surely! :-)