Monday, December 23, 2013

All I Want for Christmas is a Lint-Free Fro: My Unconventional Christmas List

I recently saw a post going around Facebook of a 10-month-old's Christmas list. It was surprisingly accurate, and even though Naomi isn't 10 months yet, nearly everything on the list applied to her. I figured I might as well make a list for myself. Moms want stuff for Christmas too, ya know!

1. A lint-free fro.
My fabulous fro. Don't look too closely.
I've never been much of a hair enthusiast. I typically do the bare minimum I must do to not be bald and that involves washing, conditioning, and LOC method (liquid. oil. cream.) Thank GOD for my natural Af-Am hair that doesn't have to be washed daily; otherwise I would most definitely be on the road to baldness. So I do this stuff to my hair, feel good about having done it, then end up rolling around on the carpet playing with Naomi. I used to love my big poof and always ensured before leaving the house it had no specks of white throughout lest it be mistaken for dun-dun-dun-dunnnn... dandruff. Ever since becoming a mom, it's a good day if I've picked my fro out, let alone checked it for lint. When I go somewhere with friends or family, someone inevitably comes up behind me saying, "Hold still!" and begins picking little pieces of carpet out of my hair. Sigh. I want my lint-free fro back!

2. To shave

Now I know it's winter time, and most people, including myself, probably consider this winter break from shaving. (Unless of course, your first day of winter it's in the 70s like it was here in the metro DC area...) There comes a point when bear legs are simply unacceptable though. I'm happy to say that I can now cross this off my list because I just shaved for the first time in....I'm not telling how long. Usually I'm rushing through my showers, hoping to get through them before Naomi notices I'm gone. There have been times I've planned to shave and the time won't be on my side or Naomi isn't on my side haha. And I usually have to choose between shaving or washing my hair. Never both. Hair always wins. Oh well. And speaking of showers...

3. To shower until the hot water runs out
It used to be this way.
Well, this actually isn't too hard to do since our hot water heater seems to empty pretty fast. But I remember the days pre-baby when the hubs would ask me after I got out the shower if I saved any hot water for him. That's because I'd be there that long. I can't remember the last time he asked me that question because I pretty much always have to rush. It's hard to enjoy a shower when your baby is in the room next door screaming like the crib you've temporarily placed her in is a prison. I long for the times when I could get in the shower and spend the majority of the time just standing there enjoying the hot water...then rushing to clean myself before it cools down lol. A little something like that comic.

4. A day without nursing

Yeah, yeah it's mostly my fault that this isn't possible. The fact is, as much as I want to be done breastfeeding, I don't want it bad enough to go through the struggle of weaning Naomi, and she certainly isn't ready to stop. But oh, to wear a dress or shirt that I don't have to worry about being able to feed her in, to get rid of the ugly nursing bras, and not constantly feel...used... (okay, that last one was a bit dramatic). Oh well. Such is life motherhood. A girl can dream.

5. To wear a real purse.
My luggage. AKA purse. AKA diaper bag. Bulky, but I actually love it since it doesn't scream I AM A MOM AND MY BABY HAS TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. Pink and purple and flowers and polka dots may be on everything else, but I draw the line at the bag!
Yeah, I know the days will come when I won't always have to lug around luggage a diaper bag. For the time being, I pack in case of 2 emergencies, not one, because you better believe that the day I decide that there is no need to bring all this stuff because I never use it is the day that the worst diaper blowout in the history of blowouts is bound to happen. I was so surprised the other day when I was cleaning my room and came across a pile of purses I used to use. I used to coordinate with what I would wear!! Now that seems so frivolous haha. But I wouldn't mind doing that again. I used to think my purses were big and that I carried too much stuff in them. With a baby now I know that that was complete nonsense.

6. An un-timed date with the Husband

The other day Jeremiah and I were chuckling about how we sometimes used to just be getting started with our dates around 9-10pm at night. We would hop up and do stuff and come back home in the wee hours of the morning. Now we know that the max an outing can be without Naomi is a maximum of 3-4 hours. A movie, basically. I can't tell you the amount of times that we have fed Naomi and literally ran out the door. (Not many actually lol.) It's a pretty funny sight though. Yay for pumping but with my picky child, she wants ME. Yay. That's motherhood though, and I've counted the cost. Even still, I think that in spite of my hyper-protective tendencies I will soon embrace the idea of an overnight babysitter.

7. My memory back
Something like that.
Mom-brain is real, ya'll.  I used to pride myself on my fantastic memory, but now if it isn't written down, it either didn't happen or it isn't happening. Take this blog post for example. I had already come up with what I wanted my Christmas list to be, but I humorously relied on my memory to get it all down. Haha! Oh well. It's okay. At least my memory is still better than my husband's *wink*wink* ;-)

Well I guess I'm done guys, since I can't remember anything else. In all seriousness though, spending Christmas with my family is all I need!

What unconventional things are on your list this year?