Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Miss Blogging!

I've allowed myself to get "too busy" to blog, and I simply don't like it! I'll attempt to catch you guys up with all you missed during the end of January, the month of February, and the beginning of March!

This was me while I was sick. Except I'm not white.
 And I'm not blonde either. In case you didn't already know! ;)
Photo courtesy of Google Images
Well, I got super sick around the last week of January and lost at least ten pounds! Those of you who haven't ever seen me in person don't realize that means I weighed a whopping 93 pounds! It was quite scary; Much to my dismay, I could tell my clothes were bigger on me! I am QUITE thankful that I got over that little bug I had and have gained most of the weight back! I am trying to stay on top of taking better care of my body. Right now I'm attempting to do this by monitoring what I'm putting into my body (i.e., foods and vitamins) but I hope to soon get my bike out of storage and get back to riding it! Now there is an exercise I actually enjoy :)

Photo courtesy of Google Images
A few weeks prior to this happening, I got a new job! But it just so happens that I was sick during that first week I was supposed to start, so I ended up starting late. The Lord worked it all out though! So I've been at this job for a little over a month now; time sure does fly by!

Three main highlights of February: the 5th, the 14th, and the 18th! February 5th marked two years that the Favorite (also known as Jeremiah) and I have been "officially" courting/dating! We had a fantastically fun day spent enjoying an overcrowded IHOP, exploring a nearly deserted in-need-of-tearing-down mall, laughing and joking in a photography studio (maybe I'll post pictures at a later date!), and lots of talking in between! I so enjoyed that day ;)
When I got in the car, the Favorite had a
pretty pink rose on the seat!
We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on that Friday the 18th instead of on Monday the 14th, and that was sooo fun! We both dressed up which is always fun (he look quite dashing, I might add, hehe)! He picked me up from work, and in the car I was met with an abundance of chocolates AND chocolate covered strawberries, YES! :) We went and picked up the pictures we had taken on the 5th, and also purchased 4 (yes, you read that right - f-o-u-r) purses! Before you get on my case, let me tell you the total price for those FOUR purses: less than 20 bucks! Oh, and they weren't all for me, f.y.i. :)

Chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva AND cakelove!
The Favorite hadn't told me where we were going for dinner in advance, but once we were almost there, he shared the name of the place and let. me. tell. you. I was THRILLED. It was a Brazilian steakhouse called Fogo de Chao in DC. Each of us was given a card--one side red, one side green. When the green side was facing up on the table, the servers constantly came to the table to give us different cuts of meat!! Our taste buds were on overload (in the best possible way), so after awhile we had to flip that card over to the red side to simply rest from eating! The environment was wonderful, and I loved the bathrooms (I have this thing for really nice bathrooms...don't ask. Actually, ask away if you so desire, hehe). We had so much fun there; I loved it. (And I would HIGHLY recommend it to any and everyone! ...assuming you aren't a vegetarian, hehe.) We closed out the night by going to a small jazz club called Twins Jazz. It was so relaxing to just sit, chat, and take in the live jazz being played. What an exciting, memorable night!
At Twins Jazz in DC. I love the red behind us! :) 
Another exciting thing about that Friday the 18th is that it was my spiritual birthday! I turned 10 years old in "spiritual years." I am so thankful for that sermon my pastor preached when I was in the sixth grade that opened my eyes to my need of grace and forgiveness from my Lord Jesus Christ. What a journey it has been since then! My prayer is that 10 years from now every single day will show more growth than the day before in my walk with the Lord.

Well, those are the highlights of my February!! It's so hard to believe we're almost halfway into MARCH! Time sure does fly by! I would love to hear if there have been any exciting updates or changes in you guys' lives in the past few weeks and month(s)!