Friday, February 3, 2012

Engagement Photo Shoot - Teaser!

So the Favorite and I went the non-typical route and ended up taking our engagement pictures a month before the wedding instead of right after the engagement (which was in April) like most people. We just gotta be different ;-) Anyways we had such a fun time, in spite of the fact that it was around 35 degrees outside! Brrrrrr!!!! By the end of the photo shoot, our faces and hands and toes and everything was frozen, but we celebrated the fun time with soup, salad, and sandwiches at Panera :-) Our photographer, Treneka, is absolutely amazing and definitely has a God-given talent! I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future, and we'll definitely be using her again ;-)

I love how candid this is! The Favorite definitely started tickling me,  hence my expression. Thankfully my typical reflexes didn't kick in as they normally do... I can get kinda violent when tickled! 
I absolutely love this one! I love the photo effects and how she had us pose and everything...  Love and happiness :-)
Treneka is an absolutely amazing photographer! I will share more of this awesome photo shoot in the days to come :-)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Month To Surpass All Months

It's here! It's here! We are officially in February and I am too hype, because that means my wedding is in just over three weeks! Ahhhh! Excitement, man. Excitement. So many awesome things are happening this month, I just have to share...

February 4
Bridal Shower! My maid of honor, who's been my best friend since like...forever!, has been totally enjoying herself by not sharing ANY details with me about the shower. Grrr! Oh well, I know I'll enjoy it :-)
February 5
 The Favorite and I's 3 year dating anniversary! (Oh, you thought I was gonna say the Super Bowl?! I didn't even know it was on the fifth til my brother told me a couple days ago. Shows how much football I watch!)
February 14
 Valentine's Day! Not even one my favorite "holidays," but I'm always down for chocolate :-)
February 18
 Spiritual Birthday! On this day of 2001, Jesus drew me to Himself, opening my spiritually blind eyes to see my need of Him and His grace and mercy! No longer am I among the walking dead, but the alive in Christ!
February 25
WEDDING DAY! "And the two shall become one..." It's so surreal; I'm marrying the love of my life! My first boyfriend is also my last, and I have the honor of being his wife! (And he has the honor of being my husband! hehe) Definitely pray for us, that we'll truly have a wedding & marriage that honors the Lord!
February 26
 Cruise!! DEFINITELY looking forward to the honeymoon, ya'll. Nobody better try to contact us! ;-)

Do you see how much LOVE is in each of these days!? From the beginning of the month with people showering love and gifts on me and the Favorite, to the beautiful union we'll have before family and friends, love, GOD's love is so real and present. And with that in mind, I already know that there are probably more things that are going to arise during this month, some great, some not so great, but in the midst of it all, whether good or bad, I choose to rejoice, and I choose to count my blessings because they are MANY and my great God has been doing, is doing, and will continue to do a great work! 

Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you 
will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.
~Philippians 1:6