Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 20 to 23

A new week of pregnancy actually starts on Fridays for me, but on the Friday of the week that I decided to start taking pictures to record my belly growth, I didn't feel like getting dressed, so I decided to make Sundays my picture day since I'm guaranteed to be dressed for church.

I started to record my belly growth during week 20 because that's the halfway mark of the pregnancy and also when I found out what the baby's gender was! I really haven't gained much weight so far, and seeing that I've only just regained the 3-6 pounds I lost during my first trimester, technically I haven't gained any weight at all! But as long as baby girl is growing healthy and strong, I'm fine. :-)

Here are some pictures from week 20:

The Husband and I at the OB office! I love seeing my baby move on the ultrasound. LOVE. IT.

We're having a girl! This is how we announced it :-) Look at my beautiful baby girl :-) Can.not. Wait. to see her in person, to hold her in my arms! Love her so much already :-)

 Week 20.
In my first maternity shirt! Definitely only got it because it was on sale, because I have just been rebelling against buying maternity clothes! The only thing growing is my stomach, really. 

Week 21.
I think the only reason I look bigger here is because of my clothes. I was wearing a non-maternity pencil skirt that day, and in order to zip it up I had to pull it alllllll the way up on my belly. I tried to wear a fitted top to look less frumpy, but I'm not sure I succeeded.Whatever.

Week 22.
This isn't a maternity dress. It's just a super stretchy dress that I borrowed from my little sis to wear to a friend's wedding. And I kinda kept it. And continued wearing it. And I'm growing into it quite well! Hopefully  it returns to it's original shape post-pregnancy so that I can at least consider giving it back to her. The first time I wore it (at my friend's wedding), I thought I actually had a belly lol. But really I was just bloated. Looking back, you probably couldn't tell I was pregnant at all. Take a look:

Me and the Husband and baby girl at 15 weeks.
Well, now I'm at 23 weeks. Technically, I'm at 23 weeks and 4 days. I took this picture on Sunday, at the end of the day when I was halfway changed into my comfy clothes and had already twisted up my fro for the night. Ah, well. At least I took a picture!

Week 23.

How Far Along: 23 weeks and 4 days
Total Weight Gain: Uhh.... Guess it's time to invest in a scale!
Maternity Clothes: I've bought 1 maternity shirt and 1 maternity dress. I sag my jeans so they fit a bit better. (That sounds terrible! No, I am not a wanna be gangster. My butt doesn't not show and the crotch is not extra low.) Let's try this again. I push my jeans below my belly. Better, right? But I think it's time to invest in maternity jeans. The Husband agrees, since I pretty much have to unbutton and/or unzip my pants every time I sit down.
Stretch Marks: Nope! Been lotioning up with some Jergens Ultra Healing, and once the lovely rash around my belly button (courtesy of the stretching skin) goes away, I'll try using cocoa butter again.
Sleep: Usually it sucks. I pile pillows under my hips, under my belly, behind my back, and I just can't seem to get comfortable. Plus I'm not supposed to sleep on my back!?!? I toss and turn (as much as one can with a belly sticking out) and the Husband still sleeps like a rock. Grrrr. I guess baby girl wants me to have an idea what sleepless nights are about to be looking like. Another thing about sleep? I always want to drink the most water at night for some reason, which means frequent bathroom trips, and of course always at the times I when I'm just getting comfortable or have just fallen asleep. I tried to ignore that pee urge one night. Bad. Idea. I barely made it the ten steps from my bedroom to the bathroom. Depends, anyone? Just kidding. Soooo kidding.
Best Moment of This Week: I have no idea. My pregnancy brain means my short term memory is even worse than normal. Oh wait, it's only Tuesday? Okay, so Sunday then. Spending time with the Husband, the bestest, and another of our friends. Fun times!
What I Miss: Good sleep! Drinking cappuccinos during this chilly weather.
Baby Movement: Some days more than others. She likes to sit low in my belly (or maybe that's just where she naturally is) and sometimes she feels like a rock. I love being able to look at my stomach as she moves and literally see movements! Also kinda funny when she moves to one side of the belly so it's lopsided. Hehe.
Craving: Whatever I see. I'll see a commercial for something and immediately want it. The power of advertisement, eh? Other than that, I've been eating quite a bit of Potbelly. I just got over my seafood kick, and now I'm back to pork and beef. Pork chops today, beef stew tomorrow. :-)
Queasiness: Not so much, praise Almighty God! I do start to feel a tad bit ill when it's been too long since I've last eaten.
Pregnancy Side Effects: Acne. Acne!!! In my 23 years of existence I've never had acne, and I've only recently gotten over a bad breakout, and that's only because I started using Proactiv, which is doing my skin a world of good. Sad day about the scarring though. Guess clear skin can't last forever. :-( Oh, and leg cramps. You know, just in case needing to pee every half hour doesn't keep me awake enough.
Mood: Happy and lovey-dovey. :-) But who knows, in a few hours I could be one angry woman you do not want to cross. But typically happy :-)
Looking Forward To: Thursday's OB appointment! Can't wait to hear baby girl's heartbeat; I just love it.

That's all, folks! I plan to keep track of the prego process from now til the end, and then of course once baby girl is born I'll have plenty more to still share. :-) 

I'm more than willing to be open about stuff in my pregnancy, the good, bad, ugly, gross, etc. So feel free to ask if you're wondering! To all my mommy-readers: did you do anything to keep track of your pregnancy progress? 

See you again at Week 24!


  1. How did I miss that you are pregnant? Congratulations! Girls are fun. :)

  2. My first time blogging about it! The first of many posts to come :) Thank you!! We're excited :)

  3. Soooo cool! I'm still single and I'm waiting on God to send me my husband...but reading this makes me excited! Congrats to you and your husband! Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts! God bless!

  4. Thanks, Angela! God's timing is so much better than ours, so I encourage you to keep being patient and serving Him in the meantime! :) I just posted another update, and I hope to post more soon :)