Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today is the Day!!

Wow, guys, just wow... God is so amazing. He totally came through with providing the needed funds to go to Cape Town by burdening people's hearts to give, even on the last day!!! How awesome is that!? So today, I'm headed to meet up with the team I'm going with, and we'll be taking a flight to London, then from London to Cape Town! I should be in Cape Town by Tuesday morning!! There's a ten hour layover in London, so I'm excited about seeing a couple sights. I promise to take lots of pictures and video! I'll be there for a month and three days. :)

I'll try to update the blog as frequently as posibble, but the wireless is a little different in SA so we'll see! Please pray for the team and I as we endeavor to share the truth of Jesus Christ with South Africa!!