Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

It's been a while, I know. I disappeared for over a month, during which time I was in Cape Town, South Africa on a missions trip. God went to WORK on that trip, and moved in my heart and the lives of others in a way for which He clearly gets all the glory! 

Met a student at Stellenbosch University that was truly in love with the Lord and desired to see people on her campus come into a personal relationship with Jesus! God always leaves a remnant...
Holiday Club in Nkanini, Khayalitcha, one of several townships in Cape Town. This group is only the little kids; there was an entirely different (larger) group of older kids! Some of them accepted Christ! Aren't they beautiful!?
UWC was like the HBCU of Cape Town! (Shout-out to HU, the best HBCU in the US!) I loved this campus and all the people there! Sharing my faith on this campus was an experience I pray I'll never forget!
It was cool for us to be back in our Motherland! All of our different complexions, all the different places we're from, yet we all had the common bond as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, a bond that holds together people of all races and nationalities who accept Him as their Lord!
One of our final debriefs in Cape Town was about "re-entry stress," which in short involves what our reintroduction to American society would be like, especially for those of us (nearly all of us!) who'd never been out the country before. It has definitely been an adjustment for me, and I miss the team and the people I met in Cape Town a TON, but I'm so thankful God allowed me to have the experience of fulfilling His Great Commission on the other side of the world. Our God is an INTERNATIONAL God! How great He is. :) 

The team at Dulles Airport in Virginia before flying to London-Heathrow. This was back before we really knew each other... but doing God's work (and living in close quarters!) has a way of drawing people so much closer together!
When I got back from the trip, I was still really busy! My family moved while I was gone, so I began unpacking things from the trip. I got to catch up with my family and my Favorite, which has been awesome. :)

Back stateside with my awesome family!
He's my Favorite.<3

I could end this post here, but other cool things have happened too! I got to meet up with high school friends for the first time in a year or two! It was cool being able to catch up with the people I graduated with. We're definitely a multi-cultural group, and I just love that. 
Me and a few of the girls I used to hang out with in high school.
Some awesome news is that Alisha at Soul in Bloom and Jamil at Amped Soul are now engaged! Here's their blog shout-out: CONGRATS again! I'm so glad everything with the proposal went well and that it was an enjoyable day for them and all involved. 
The happy, newly engaged couple! I know God is honored by their current relationship and the union to come!

Yay! As an added plus to the engagement, my friend Sevrena (first from the left) surprised us with a visit! Definitely a highlight of the weekend for me!
So much is happening in life these days, but I want to still blog as much as possible! I hope to give more details about the trip to Cape Town in the coming days/weeks, but we shall see! I wonder what everyone else in the blog world has been up to during the past weeks/month? Staying busy and having fun, I hope! :) Until I write again...


  1. Sounds like your trip was amazing! Did you love Stellenbosch? It's such a beautiful town. So fun to see bits of SA!

  2. Stellenbosch was a beautiful and town, definitely. But I have a special place in my heart for UWC. :) I have more pictures to post of Cape Town soon!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, sis!!! And thanks for posting about your trip, too! I was beginning to wonder if I'd get to read anything about it...

  4. There'll be more to come, just been so caught up w/ life back in the States, it got put on the back burner :P