Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Facebook & Fast Food Free Life: Day 16

Whew, try saying that title five times fast! Hehe :)

I've gotta be honest guys, I went back on Facebook. Wait! Wait! Before you get that accusing look on your face and before I knew it! crosses your mind, let me explain. I did a presentation for my church this past Sunday on the missions trip to Cape Town, and what I didn't do before I deactivated my Facebook was go on my teammates' pages and borrow their pictures (don't worry, I had their permission!). So I signed on and got a few pictures from the trip and deactivated my Facebook profile once again. It really wasn't hard to do! Granted, I did sneak a few looks at some friends' profiles, while I was on, but I don't miss Facebook at all, to be honest.

Now about the fast food... I don't miss it that much, but I definitely do miss certain places. Like Checkers. I have been craving me some Checkers! I can't guarantee that I won't speed over there and buy a Big Buford, medium fry and medium vanilla shake as soon as October 1st hits. Yes, I already know what I want. I've been buying more foods to make at home since I've stopped eating fast food, and I try not to leave home hungry. That alone reduces the temptation to roll up to the McDonald's drive through window for a dollar fry. I hope chips don't count as fast food though, because I've discovered these Utz Sea Salt kettle chips that are amazing, especially when paired with a cold sub and a lemonade from Wawa. Yummy delicious! Don't plan on giving that up anytime soon :)

Right now it's not looking like I'll be getting Facebook back anytime soon, which is fine by me! I love the time I have on my hands and the things I'm able to get accomplished during the day, like stuff for my siblings (three of which are in high school and in need of chauffeuring), cleaning, running errands, and blogging (woohoo)! I also have no excuse (not like I did before..) for not spending time with Jesus, both in the Word and in prayer during the day. There's really nothing like sitting at His feet, listening to Him speak, then going and doing what He says--and not being rushed because of a (seeming) lack of time! Life is good. Definitely not easy, but as I read in my Word today, any light afflictions that I face are not only momentary, but they are also working for me a far more exceeding and eternal weight in glory as I spend less time focusing on the seen and temporal things and more time focusing on the unseen and eternal things of Christ! (see 2 Corinthians 4:17-18)

Have there been any things in your life, either past or present, that you've been led to give up? If so, how have you dealt with the absence of that thing in your life? Did you replace it with anything? For example, when I want to spend time online, I'll read more blogs or go on Hulu (every now and then), which I didn't do much of before deactivating my Facebook! Or I'll just not get online at all, and I'll read, clean, or nap. Hehe. But enough about me! I'd love to hear your stories. :)


  1. Wow! Good for you for obeying and giving up the things you were asked to! In this season I'm on a Facebook hiatus. I really don't miss it much and you're right, you find out how much more time you have on your hands!

  2. I often need to be reminded that fasting isn't always just about food. Your FB fast is a good example. It's always good to spend more time with God but God is often the One who gets pushed aside. It wil be good to see what you discover about God during this time.