Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chicken about Chicken

Photo courtesy of Google Images

I've always eaten chicken. Always. I mean, I am black. (Way for me to perpetuate a stereotype right? Haha. I had to do it.) Anyways. Chicken is good. Who doesn't like chicken?? (Vegetarians don't count.)

Anyone who's spent any significant time around me or even perused my Facebook page know that I have been going through this super weird and crazy phenomena of hating chicken and everything about it during this pregnancy. Actually, at first I would eat it, but only in the form of Popeyes chicken wraps. Then, while I was going through morning sickness (and when I could actually keep food down), I'd eat obscene amounts of Wendy's chicken nuggets or McDonald's hashbrowns. (I now find both of those very unappealing.) Every now and then I'd eat a Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich from Burger King as well. You know what you're not seeing here?? Fresh chicken. It absolutely, positively grossed me out. I was literally disturbed by the thought of eating it, especially off the bone. Eww.

When the Husband and I got married in February 2012, we ate chicken all. the. time. Like, good grief! Ridiculous amounts of chicken. I guess because we were able to get it for cheap at the store, and we were young newlyweds strapped for cash at times (not that we aren't now at times, but whatev). There is definitely a such thing as overdoing it though, and after about five months of every other meal having some form of chicken, I can't help but wonder if that some how contributed to my hatred of chicken when I got pregnant. (I don't like that phrase, "got pregnant." Just a side note.)

Like I said, I was particularly grossed out by fresh chicken. I didn't want to see it raw. I didn't want to see it cooked. I didn't want to see pictures of it on Pinterest, or commercials, or anywhere. I didn't want to smell it. I didn't want anyone to offer me any. I didn't want to think about it. Period. But as life goes, I did see it raw on store shelves, and pictures would come up on Pinterest and commercials, and gosh darn it, every single time I went somewhere it seemed like I would smell it. I went to people's houses, and they'd offer me the chicken they were cooking, and at random points (like when passing by a KFC or something), I'd envision a piece of freshly fried chicken falling off the bone, and you know what would happen in each of these scenarios? I'd feel like I was about to barf. Get the picture? Chicken was off. limits.

Actually, that still looks kinda gross...
Photo courtesy of Google Images

Well, all that being said, it appears that finally, finally I can earn my black card back as I am once again eating chicken. And not only am I eating it, for the first time in nearly six (yes, SIX!!) months, I am COOKING CHICKEN. Oh em geeee!! Yes! I actually asked my husband to stop at the store on the way home from work to pick up some chicken! He was probably rejoicing that this phase is finally over lol.

I'm sure you're wondering if there's any point to this blog post. ....Nope, not really. Just thought I'd share my excitement. I mean, come on. Is this not a reason to rejoice? I've read that while babies are in the womb, they can somewhat taste the flavors of what their mama is eating. How sad would it be for baby girl to grow up not liking chicken because her mama despised it!? Well, no longer. Those days are over!!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm making Italian chicken tonight. Some tasty concoction my mom made the other night which I tried when the Husband and I stopped by for a bit. Yumm! Hopefully my first chicken dish in months is a success!!

Thank you, Google Images, for providing me with a picture of
Italian baked chicken that doesn't look like mine. Whatever.
I bet mine's better. :-)

Are there any foods in particular that you are just totally repelled by, in pregnancy or just life in general? I'd love to hear (it's rather fascinating). :-)


  1. i never liked eating chicken of the bone, it has to be boneless.

    1. Jeremiah prefers it that way too! He'll still eat both though. :)