Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not just Valentine's Day, but every day

Happy Valentine's Day, people! Or...not so happy day? I'm one of those people who, as I crossed the threshold from elementary to middle school, and even more so as I went from middle school to high school, began to despise this day. I found it sad and somewhat repulsive that so many girls found their worth and felt loved simply because some guy who typically lasted about a week, if that, would get them flowers or candy and some cheap (albeit, adorable) teddy bear. Ick. Gross. Not my thing. I loved sharing Valentine's Day with friends and family though, but the whole relationship aspect of it always made the day seem shallow overall.

Fast-forward to now, and Valentine's Day still isn't my favorite holiday, but I've learned to appreciate it. I've always gotten loads of love from my family and closest friends, and the Husband (who shows me love every day, not just this day!) takes advantage of the fact that he loves giving gifts to spoil me a bit. Gotta say, I love it ;-)

Oh, but the ultimate Lover... Love wouldn't even be a topic of conversation if it weren't for Him! My capacity to love my husband, my family, my friends, my enemies, strangers? It would be absolutely non-existent had He not first shown me what true love is. My Savior relentlessly pursued me and showed me showered me with a love that extended beyond feeling and into actions that have eternal repercussions. He took my heart, hardened by worldly perceptions of love, and He replaced it with one that was soft and not only able to let love in, but to give love out. He has shown Himself to be actually jealous for me, wanting me, choosing me! Even when I've attempted to "break things off" He has been right there. Talk about a consistent love!! So for Jesus, who is love, I am ever so grateful.
I know it's so easy to throw around on Valentine's Day these "helpful" sentiments of Oh, don't feel down or be upset because you don't have a man/boyfriend/fiance/husband/boo-thang; you have even better because you have JESUS! While that might be true, our humanity doesn't cease because we're saved. I think it's even more beautiful to come to Him transparent and broken and wanting and needing, and then be absolutely amazed when He fills us with exactly what our heart truly longs for--more of Him. Not just February 14th of every year, but every single day. 

Are you doing anything for Valentine's Day this year?
Get to know Him!
First Valentine's Day with the (now) Husband.
February 2009.
Valentine's Day 2011.

Some Music for ya...
How He Loves by David Crowder Band
Looking for Love by Trip Lee

May you feel loved today and every day!!

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