Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

It was an early morning on the metro. Usually if I find myself on the train during some hour at which I'd prefer to be sleeping, I do just that:  sleep. But alas, that morning 'twas not meant to be. So there I sat, engaging in my somewhat odd habit of people-watching, when my eyes caught one of the numerous signs posted throughout the inside of the train. Lo and behold, it was a Voice of the Martyrs poster! Woohoo!! I cannot explain how genuinely happy it made me to see that this ministry was a encouraging people to support the persecuted church in avenues which I'd never even considered. Metro station? Brilliant! I can only imagine how many people, both believers and non-Christians alike, saw that sign. For some, I'm sure it was an encouragement to pray, and for others it perhaps opened the door for them to ask questions about the ministry, or even better, the faith! Praise the Lord! So instead of my norm of napping through stops, I had the blessed opportunity to spend those precious minutes before the throne of God, interceding on behalf of His persecuted people. Seeing that sign and being encouraged to pray also challenged me to evaluate other areas of my life where I spend time napping or daydreaming when instead I could be doing something to further the Kingdom! I hope God uses this short post to open your eyes to times you can be spending in intercession for His people, our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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