Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Stuff

Sweets #1

IBC Root beer (the ones in the glass bottles are best!)....

...coupled with a pack of Thin Mints (the Girl Scout ones are the only genuine thin mints!)....

...equals an amazing combination of flavors guaranteed to make you happy! :) 

Sweets #2
(Ya'll know I just had to put my food section on here first, hehe.) So last time I posted, I let you guys know that I was accepted to go on the Cape Town, South Africa missions project with the Impact Movement. Woo-hoo!! One of my biggest encouragements has been the outpouring of love and support from my Trinity family (the church at which I accepted Christ!). There is just something so sweet about knowing that there are  fellow believers, both young and old, who genuinely care about me and desire to see Christ use me to the fullest extent possible! Something that added additional sweetness to this fact was that the praise team at church sang this awesome song called "I Give Myself Away/Here I Am to Worship." (Haven't youtubed it yet, otherwise I'd share!) Anyways, the song just tied in so well with my desire to surrender all of myself to the Lord, because really, true worship of Jesus is inextricably tied to the surrender of ourselves to Him! It's like surrender is a prerequisite to worship! I thought that was pretty sweet. 

Sweets #3
I actually wasn't planning on putting three sweets on here, but the post just doesn't seem complete without a number 3!!! goes...


(now that's pretty sweet.)

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