Sunday, December 2, 2012

And So The Advent Season Begins

I am excited this year to be celebrating Advent for the first time. It will be in the most basic, simplistic way possible, and for me that means just going through different Scriptures that celebrate Christ and will help keep my focus on Jesus during this holiday, Advent season! I've found a couple different resources that have awesome information about the celebration of Advent itself as well as associated Scripture references. Well, I didn't find all of them; some were shared with me. :-)
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I was originally planning to use the ebook from Ann Voskamp's blog simply because I love her writing, but when I came across the one on John Piper's site (yay Twitter for keeping me in the loop!), I realized that his was more up my alley this year.

So how about you? Are you celebrating Advent? If so, please share about what you're doing! How do you plan to keep Christ the focus of the Christmas season this year?

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