Monday, December 17, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 24 to 25

I thought I would do this every week, but it's so much easier to combine weeks! 
I think that I will have to just continue doing that. :-)

Week 24.
I swear my belly fluctuates in size. Or maybe my clothes were just bulkier this day. I was pretty proud of my utilization of a maxi dress to accommodate the chilly fall temperatures. Go me! Still no maternity clothes in sight :-)

Week 25.
Don't you just love our little Charlie Brown-ish tree!? (The correct answer is yes.) We had completely planned on going out and getting a big tree, but then life got busy, and we're going out of town for the holidays anyway so...looks like the mini-tree from the Husband's bachelor days is here to stay! I think it's adorable. :-) It has colored lights and little mini ornaments all around it. So that, as well as some pretty white lights around our main door, our "Three Magi Snowmen" sitting on our coffee table, and some festive music playing in the background completes our holiday get-up for this year, and we're both happy about it. So looking forward to spending this Christmas with my boo! He's kinda awesome.

So onto the questions!! Let's find out what things (if any) have changed in my pregnancy since the last time I updated ya'll...

How Far Along: 25 weeks and 3 days
Total Weight Gain: Don't know about today, but at my last OB appointment this past Thursday, I weighed a little over 113 pounds! I was super excited, because that meant I'd gained 10 pounds in 4 weeks, a little over two pounds a week! The doctor still wasn't entirely pleased (what.ever.), but told me to keep up whatever I've been doing, which I can happily oblige since it's just been eating like a madwoman. :)
Maternity Clothes: Last time I told ya'll that I bought 1 maternity shirt and 1 maternity dress. That hasn't changed. I still haven't invested in a belly band. Why won't I do it?? I guess I'm afraid of trying it and it not working..?? Who knows. I gotta say I fought to put on this pair of pants last Sunday and was totally ecstatic when I won the battle. It's not that they don't fit in the legs, but once I reach my belly it's almost comical how I have to finesse the pants into somewhat closing. I think I'll probably end up losing the pants battle next time, assuming I try again. Sad day.
Stretch Marks: Nope! Still been lotioning up with Jergens Ultra Healing. So happy the rash I had is gone, though. It was definitely no bueno.
Sleep: It's been kinda crazy. Some nights (but not most) I sleep right through, which feels great. Other nights, I wake up and it takes me a good two hours to go back to sleep. My back has been getting achier as time elapses, and I think that bothers me more than my bulging belly when I'm trying to sleep! Alas. Only for my baby girl.
Best Moment of This Week: Well, it's only Monday, so technically this week is only just begun ;-)  I had a great Sunday though. Church, a bit of Christmas shopping and hang out time with the Husband, hang out time w/ the bestest and a friend before and after church in the evening, food included. Oh, then on the way home, the Husband, the bestest and I went to my sister and her husband's place and hung out for a short bit with them and their adorable puppy Neeko :) They got us some onesies and bibs for baby girl that I am in love with. Maybe next time I'll post pictures of them!
What I Miss: Same as last week: good sleep! And again, the same as last time: drinking french vanilla cappuccinos during this chilly weather.
Baby Movement: Baby girl has definitely been moving around quite a bit, and I love it!! I talk to her whenever I start feeling her little kicks and movements. Unless of course I'm in public, then I just stare at and rub my belly like a weirdo lol. She still likes to sit really low in my belly, which I'm sure has got to be uncomfortable for her, not just me. But what do I know? 
Craving: Nothing in particular is coming to mind. I'll usually just think of something, and once it's in my mind, it's completely impossible to get it out until I have it. Like yesterday I wanted a catfish sandwich after church. Then later in the evening I want Potbelly. My wonderful husband has gone out of his way to make sure I'm well fed with what my taste buds are wanting at the moment. I only feel a tad guilty. :)
Queasiness: I simply cannot believe it, even as I write it. For about two weeks I was so excited about going to this cookie exchange with friends at a woman's house that I've been wanting to meet for like, ever! I had researched recipes and everything, did all this planning...well on the day of the exchange, which was this past Saturday, I woke up with super bad gas pains that I figured I just needed to burp or...otherwise get out (ahem). But then I started feeling queasy. I was experiencing all the same signs, but even as I rushed to the toilet, I was in complete denial; NO. WAY. was I throwing up AGAIN! What in the world... Three separate times throughout that morning. Plans out the window. Sad, sad day. :-( In hindsight, I think it happened because the night before I took my vitamins with dinner (as usual) and instead of taking my OTC vitamin D (I ran out), for the first time I took a prescription sample the doctor had given me. That's the only thing I really did differently. So I don't see anymore of those pills in my future, that's for sure.
Pregnancy Side Effects: I am happy to announce two positive updates since last time. The acne I was complaining about is still there, but not nearly as bad. YES, Proactiv! I am a believer! I'm still sad about the scarring on my face, but we'll see what can be done about that. Second positive update? Those leg cramps I was experiencing are basically gone. A fellow mom mentioned calcium supplements to me, which reminded me that I had not been taking mine regularly! I'm back to taking them daily, and the cramping has stopped! Never know what calcium and vitamin D can affect. Now if only it could affect my back pain due to my center of gravity changing... Still have to pee every single time I take a sip of some liquid. Alas. Comes with the territory, but I hate that I have to use public restrooms so frequently. I used to avoid them unless absolutely necessary. Now every time it feels absolutely necessary. 
Mood: Anticipation! I am so looking forward to spending the holidays with the Husband, as I said before. We are going to really enjoy this time; I just know it.
Looking Forward To: I guess I'll just say it again: the holidays with the Husband! Also, creating our registry! And whenever our shower happens, which I came up with a brilliant plan for... :)

That's all, folks! Can you believe I only have 13 weeks (give or take) to go!?! I can't wait to see my beautiful baby girl :-) Be back again at Week 27! 

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